Our initial partnership stemmed from a shared dedication to increasing awareness regarding single-use plastic bags and water pollution.

In the pursuit of a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, marked by mindful consumption and shopping habits, we gathered with our friends to develop our inaugural pack-bag collection.

These pack bags serve as an ideal substitute for plastic bags, offering the convenience of being easily cleaned, reused multiple times, and ultimately recycled.

We join forces with brands and individuals who combine passion and purpose to create distinctive and groundbreaking products. Our engagement begins at the initial stages of product conception, extending through the production process to breathe life into each endeavor.

Our collaboration extends to a network of friends, and we draw inspiration from our muses — individuals who embody purpose, and conscientiousness and serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

The outer layer and interior lining consist of a recyclable material that is

water-resistant, exceptionally lightweight, and highly durable.